Si Tech Engineering
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Consumer Electronics Projects

  • Xbox
  • 3 Generations Digital Audio Player
  • Home Theater Remote
  • Microsoft Actimates
  • Multiple Manufacturing Test Systems
    • Systems Architecture and Design
    • Project Management
    • Electrical Design and Specification
    • HW Test and Validation
    • Firmware Development and Qualification
    • Overseas Deployment, Vendor Selection and Management



Research and Development Projects

  • DNA Microarray Laboratory and Imager
  • Vision Based Laser Tracking Systems
  • Automated Electro Chemistry Platform
  • Biomedical Test Platform
  • Shock Sensing Test System
    • R&D Planning and Architecture
    • Real Time design and programming
    • Advanced Vision and Control Systems
    • Microfludics Design and Specification
    • Optical Design and Specification
    • Electrical Design and Specification
    • Extensive use of LabView and Rapid Application Development Tools
    • Mechanical and Electrical Rapid Prototyping


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 Space Elevator
-Solar Array based Robotic Climber
  Design by SiTech
-1kW Brushless Drive
-High Efficiency DC/DC Conversion
-Active Power Tracking for optimum
    Photovoltaic conversion
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-Conceptual design and specifications
-Software, 3-D modeling and design
-Contract manufacturing managemen
-SiTech Principal Jeffrey Alexander,
  inventor of the Hangtimer